When tradition meets circular economy

Re•Luxury because it is possible to revive the beauty of cashmere sweaters, worn first and then recovered, thanks to careful hand selection and a 100% made in Prato process.

Thanks to this local production, we can better supervise the quality of the fabrics and establish relationships of trust with our suppliers.

Everything starts with the selection of precious pre-loved sweaters, then transformed into a regenerated yarn ready to become a new luxurious garment with the same qualities as virgin cashmere but obtained with a reduced use of energy, water and chemical resources.

Prato has a centuries-old tradition and developed the best expertise in recognizing and transforming top quality garments left in wardrobes and warehouses.

Once the pure cashmere garments are selected by hand and the seams are removed, everything’s ready for the magic. It’s time to move on to fraying, a special process that reduces the fibers.

Then we goes on with the creation of those which in slang are called the “miste”, or the mixed fibers that give life to colors.

As a chef mixes the ingredients or just like a painter makes his canvas, our partners bring together fibers of different colors to obtain a single one to make the sample that determines the final color of our fabric.

Once the right mix has been developed, it goes into spinning. So we get the yarn that will then give life to the precious regenerated cashmere.

Reducing waste, reviving cashmere, avoiding new raw materials with a limitated consumption of water and chemicals.

That’s the recipe we use to give preloved garments a new life with an eco-conscious approach.